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A statistical preview on the 2016 MLS Final!

Sunday Dec. 5th, the MLS Final will decide which team will be crowned champion of the MLS. In the final Columbus crew, representing the Eastern conference will face Portland Timbers who represents the Western conference.

Both teams did not finish first in the regular competition, but managed to reach the finals through the play offs. Portland Timbers even had to play an extra knock out match to reach these play offs.

In the graph below the performances of both teams are compared.



The statistics show that Columbus crew has the upper hand in passing and possession time. Both teams have an equal number of goal attempts however, Columbus crew has slightly more shots in the box.

Columbus crew is also better in finishing: 12% of their goal attempts are successful whereas only 9% of the goal attempts of Portland resulted in a goal.

Portland on the other hand, managed to win more defensive duels and also their number of saves by the goalkeeper is lower.


The central forwards

Columbus crew has the topscorer of the MLS in their team. Kei Kamara scored 25 times this season (regular + play offs), which is 8 goals more than the forward of Portland. In the graph below the statistics of both central forwards are compared. The statistics show that Kamara scored more goals and has almost twice the amount of goal attempts of Adi. Kamara also is stronger in the duels as he wins 51% of his duels. Adi has a better pass completion percentage and also his conversion rate beats that of Kamara.


Central midfielders

If we compare two of the important midfielders, the statistics show that Higuain is the more offensive type whereas Nagbe has the better defensive statistics.


Goal Analysis

An in depth analysis shows that Portland Timbers score 42% directly or indirectly out of set pieces. Columbus Crew better watch out on corners and free kicks… Also, 27% of their goals are an immediate result of a counter attack.

Columbus crew have a more balanced scorecard. Just under 50% of their goals come from a nice combination (25%) or a set piece (24%)


Top players per statistic

Want to know which Portland Timbers and Columbus Crew members are best at each statistic? Request a detailed stat sheet via info@ortecsports.com!

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