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ORTEC Sports and FC Groningen start their 7th season

Last week ORTEC Sports and FC Groningen renewed their contract for another year. The collaboration between both parties was already fully operating this season but ORTEC Sports and FC Groningen officially put a signature under the new contract last week.

ORTEC Sports helps FC Groningen with scouting data, opponent analysis and customized algorithms for data analysis. Mark de Jong, senior project manager of ORTEC Sports, about the collaboration with FC Groningen:

‘’We are proud and happy to work with FC Groningen for such a long time. By combining the football knowledge and vision of FC Groningen with our mathematical knowledge, we can optimally support FC Groningen in the field of data, scouting, team and player analysis. We look forward to the future with this innovative club.’’

ORTEC Sports wishes FC Groningen a lot of success in this season of the Dutch Eredivisie!