Champions League 8th finals- Barca VS PSG.

Champions League 8th finals- Barca VS PSG.

Feb 15, 2021 | Champions League, News

The Champions League 8th finals resume Tuesday, and it starts off with a banger right away. FC Barcelona versus Paris Saint Germain is a matchup of two well known Big 5 giants. They have met 6 times now in the Champions League, and the current record is looking favorable for Barcelona. Barca has won 4 out of 6 of the matchups with an average goal score of 2.7. Their win record for home matches is even more impressive, having never conceded a game to PSG in the UCL when playing at Camp Nou with an average goal score of 3.7.  

The biggest victory between the two team was also achieved by Barca in a home match. Almost 4 years ago the Spanish team won with 6-1 against PSG. This was an unexpected comeback after losing with 4-0 against PSG in France only a month earlier. A mayor player in these duels, Neymar, has since switched sides to PSG after a very expensive transfer. Neymar will however not take the stage against his old squad Tuesday due to an injury, probably much to Barcelona’s relief.

So far for the two squads’ head-to-head results. What about more recent statistics? Below you see both team’s stats from their performance in the 2020/2021 UCL group stages.

In their UCL performance so far Barca has made a lot more passes, goal attempts and key actions, but PSG has a better conversion rate and saves more of the balls headed for their goal. Taking these varying stats into account the two teams seem to be evenly matched. However, if we also look below at the stats from their local league season so far, we start to see some differences.

In their local leagues PSG seems to have very similar passing, possession, and goal statistics to Barca, while maintaining a nearly 3% higher conversion rate and an 8% higher rate of saves. Statistically, PSG seems to be holding the advantage. But can they make true on this promise? As said before, PSG will be playing without Neymar due to an injury, which is a big handicap to PSG. Meanwhile, on the side of Barcelona, Messi seems to be in amazing shape with the Argentinian striker already scoring 8 times in 2021 in La Liga alone. Two goals of which were made last weekend against Alavés.

One thing is for sure, whatever happens this is going to be an exciting match.