Category Pro – Spot weakness of opponents & make a strength/weakness analysis of your team.

To gain valuable insights from Sports data, ORTEC Sports consultants supply you with tactical and mathematical support. Our consultancy team, made up of of sports-econometrists and former (Olympic) athletes, is there to advise you live on the field, online and/or by phone.

The unique combination of mathematical experts and experienced athletes makes sure that we can provide all the insights you need to do in-depth reporting on sports.

ORTEC Sports provides Performance Consulting in the following fields:

  • Tactical and mathematical support
  • Advice live on the field
  • Education
  • Hosting
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Implementation

“ORTEC Sports is always ready for me, whenever I need assistance on the field. The “Human Factor” is important, we have developed a personal bond.”

― Michele Santoni, Sport Analyst

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