Head2Head: New Eredivisie strikers

Head2Head: New Eredivisie strikers

Jan 12, 2021 | News

Recently, two Dutch Archenemies both purchased a new striker to come and strengthen their squads. Ajax got Sébastien Haller from West Ham United, whereas Feyenoord got CA River Plates Lucas Pratto. Who would we at ORTEC Sports be if we did not compare the statistic of the two? 

For this comparison we compared the stats of Haller over the last two seasons of the English Premier League to Pratto’s stats over the last three seasons of the Argentina Primera Division. This way the amount of matches roughly matched up with 48 to 44 matches played.  

Now let us look at their stats: 

  • Both players have a remarkably similar share of their team’s total scored goals at around 30%. To calculate this share, we calculate the involvement of the player in the full possession moment. This means this share does not only consists of direct goals or assists 
  • Lucas Pratto shoots more with his 1,8 goal attempts per match. However, this is also reflected in his goal attempt conversion %, which is incredibly low for a striker at 8%. 
    In contrast Haller makes less goal attempts at 1,6 per match but of these 1,6 50% are on target. Adding in a conversion rate of 13% he is more successful in hitting the net 
  • Haller, however, has no assists as opposed to Pratto’s 0,2 assists per match. Interesting to note that in Hallers first Eredivisie match last Sunday he got subbed in and made an assist against PSV, securing the draw for Ajax. 
  • Both players are fond of headers, with between 30% and 40% of their goal attempts stemming from headersOver 48 matches Haller made 1 goal by header, where Pratto made 2 goals by header over 44 matches.  

In the end, Haller seems to come out on top in terms of stats. However whether this difference was worth the price-tag remains to be seen. We look forward to see the performance of these two strikers in the Dutch Eredivisie.