ORTEC Sports

Leading in generating systems to analyse effectiveness in sports: taking the tracking, training and discovering of talents and athletes to the next level.

ORTEC Sports, part of the ORTEC Group and operating in twelve countries, develops decision and information generating systems to analyse effectivity in sports. These systems are used during matches to measure the effectivity of players and teams. Every action of players and teams are linked to video and get an objective score.

“ORTEC Sports is an innovative and progressive company by connecting science and practice to the sport field.”

Since 2003 ORTEC Sports employs (ex) professional athletes who work closely with scientists to create products that are leading in sports worldwide. Together with the University of Groningen ORTEC Sports developed the performance matrix for Sochi 2014 Olympics.

ORTEC Sports supplies products and services that improve the effectivity and revenue in sport of the the athletes, the team, the club, sponsors and the Press.


  • Operating in twelve countries
  • Partnership with the Johan Cruyff Institute
  • Ten years innovation partner of Nevobo
  • Currently 150 analysts are working at ORTEC Sports

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