Performance Analytics

Improve the achievements of your team and athletes with the EIA System

To gain information on the effectiveness of your athletes and team, ORTEC Sports developed the ‘Effectiveness in Action’ video analysis system (EIA). All actions and achievements are registered and connected to video images. You can watch, analyze and edit the images within seconds. The EIA system provides analysis and interpretations that you can use to improve the achievements of your team and individual athletes.

How does it work?

  • During the match ORTEC Sports Analysts are collecting data on positions, actions and effectiveness;
  • The data is tagged in video images;
  • This simplified video analysis allows you to view the result of the match and gain information about the competition;
  • Match reports including infographics make it all complete.

The ORTEC SPORTS mathematical analysis system provides professional and amateur teams with in-depth insights about:

  • Team Results (including the opponents)
  • Individual Player Results
  • Training Purposes
  • Live analyses can be used live on App or Website

The Analysis results can be used for professional, youth and amateur performances to bring each level to a higher level. The professional football competitions are registered live and are available straight away in the ‘Pro Portal’. For all the other matches the ‘Video Portal’ can be used to upload the matches and receive the match and player reports within 72 hours.

ORTEC Sports services a major part of the Dutch clubs from the Eredivisie and the Dutch National Football Team. Together with these teams ORTEC Sports develops more and more scientific tools for Professional Sports. The ORTEC Sports system can be used in several team sports, for example:

  • Football
  • Field hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Handball

Next to the analysis system ORTEC Sports came up with the ‘Speed skating Performance Matrix’ to form the best Olympic Team towards the Olympic Games of Vancouver and Sotsji. Combination of Sport Performances with Mathematics.

“You need to have a software that is functional to your team and players, it must be flexible. ORTEC Sports provides that, they have a customized system.”

― Michele Santoni, Sport Analyst