The RTreporter is a solution that allows you to detect emerging events at an early stage (before they surface in the media) with an easy-to-use interface. ORTEC Sports can define the search with keywords focussed on the sport or event.

RTreporter offers a complete set of features that stand alone or together provide a powerful tool to effectively use the power of Twitter as a source of information.

Twitter is regularly mentioned as the source for breaking news or the place where important events (e.g. debates) are followed. It consists of the three features: TRARTreporter FeyenoordCE, INSIGHT and TRACK.

  • Real-Time Specific News Filter
  • Detect Emerging Events an early stage
  • Keywords to Define the Search
  • Cleverly Designed Dashboard with Multiple Topics

‘RTreporter will not tell you what you are looking for, but it will show you what is going on in the world right now.’

RTreporter Ajax, Feyenoord:



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