Pro Analyzes

The ORTEC Sports software ‘Effectiveness in Action’ (EiA) gains the best information on the effectiveness of the athletes. ORTEC Sports Analysts collect extensive data on their positions, actions and effectiveness using the  EIA Video Analysis System. All actions and achievements are registered and connected to video images. This simplified video analysis allows you to view the result of the match and gain information about the competition.

“Gain detailed insights about your teams and players.”

The ORTEC Sports Performance Consulting provides robust tactical and mathematical support. The consultancy team, made up of of sports-econometrists and former (Olympic) athletes, is there to give advice live on the field, online and/or by phone.

Detailed Reports are generated from the collected sports data in the Pro Portal. The unique combination of mathematical experts and experienced athletes makes sure that we can deliver all the insights you need to do in-depth reporting on sports. Use the outcomes in your training and improve your team’s performance.

  • Performance Report
  • Match Report
  • Detailed match Report
  • Player Report
  • Scouting Report (only available for football)

ORTEC Sports delivers the reports to you online through the ‘Pro Portal‘. The consultants will make customized reports for the technical staff on a specific request.

The Pro Portal we provide 22 football competitions.


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