Serie A Showdown: AC Milan – Atalanta Bergamo

Serie A Showdown: AC Milan – Atalanta Bergamo

Jan 21, 2021 | News

This Saturday Atalanta Bergamo will be facing the current Series A Leaders, AC Milan. When comparing last season’s stats Atalanta seems stronger, however in the current season AC Milan seems to have closed the gap. AC Milan cannot be underestimated. They are the current season leaders for a reason. Ibrahimović is back on full strength and has already proven what he is capable of last Serie A match.

Some additional stats:

  • Of the 8 matches Ibrahimović played this season, there was only 1 match in which he did not score and that match he only played for approximately 6 minutes. In 2 matches he scored once, and in the remaining 5 he scored twice.
  • Atalanta scored at least once in 15 out of 18 matches this season. In total they have made 41 goals in these 15 matches.
  • Historically Atalanta holds the lead winning 5 out of 14 matches as opposed to AC Milans 3 matches with 6 out of 14 matches ending in a draw.

Can Atalanta keep up its good track record against an AC Milan that is stronger than ever before? We will find out Saturday.