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Sports haven been around for centuries and are part and parcel of what makes us human. Sports are about challenging yourself and others, physically and mentally. Sporting is an experience – for young, old, amateurs and athletes.

Playing sports is about setting goals, improving yourself, and outsmarting your opponent. To do this, measuring and analyzing your performance is important. Data is abundant in today’s world, offering several opportunities for sport organizations. The question is, how will you use that data to make better strategic and tactical decisions, even those which are often taken in the heat of the game? Using advanced analytics can make the difference between winning and losing.

ORTEC SPORTS drives digitization in the sports world and helps organizations go beyond experience, gut feel and emotion, to make decisions supported by data.

We are passionate about improving your team’s performance. By cleverly combining data and mathematics, we are able to provide information and insights that contribute to better results.
With our distinctive solutions, we create added value for athletes, teams, fans and your sports organization.

Data-driven sports decisions. Better results.

Who is the best player of the league? Which team scores the highest on effectiveness? Ortec Sports registers and analyzes all live performance data of professional sports teams on video during a match.

It allows to fine-tune individual and team achievements, to proficiently scout opponents and effectively recruit new talent.

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Our analysis includes:

    • Detailed reports
    • Real time match statistics
    • Real time player statistics
    • Standings
    • Top Players
    • Effectiveness
    • Line up
    • Player Profiles

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