Stats Breakdown – AC Milan VS Atalanta Bergamo

Stats Breakdown – AC Milan VS Atalanta Bergamo

Jan 28, 2021 | News

Last Saturday we made a post with the seasonal stats of Atalanta Bergamo and AC Milan in anticipation of their duel the same evening. Although Atalanta seemed to have to edge when looking at the stats of previous season, this season the stats of the two were a lot closer. With AC Milan being the current season’s leader and Atalanta holding the 5th place, AC Milan was believed to have an edge. So how did a 0-3 victory for Atalanta come to happen? Let’s look at the stats:

If we look at the passing stats both teams scored very similarly on every stat except for two: Passes on own/opponent half and key passes. Atalanta’s playstyle has always been aggressive for an Italian team, and their presence on AC Milan’s half makes that clear. If we look at the passing matrix of Atalanta, we can see that they primarily passed along the forwards positions on the opponents half.

Atalanta also engaged in more defensive duels than AC Milan, especially on AC Milan’s side of the field. Their win-percentages are very equal in this regard, but due to Atalanta engaging in more of those duels they disrupted AC Milan’s play more and had more options to play the game in their favor.

Halmark of their aggressive playstyle, Atalanta also shot a lot more than AC Milan. Their attack coming swift and often, AC Milan was overran by their many attempts. If you look at Atalanta’s attempt locations below, you will see that a large amount are made from within the box, further illustrating how for the attack from Atalanta managed to go on a regular basis.

All in all it is safe to say AC Milan just couldn’t keep up with Atalanta’s aggressive playstyle last Saturday and Atalanta capitalized on it in big fashion. We’ll see how far this morale boost will take them. 

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