Team of the League (so far) – Premier League

Team of the League (so far) – Premier League

Mar 29, 2021 | News, Team of the Week

With the international football break last weekend doing a normal Team of the Week would be rough. So, what better moment than now to continue our Team of the League (so far) series?!

This week we will be looking at the best attacking duelists in the Premier League. To qualify a player must have played at least 13 matches with a minimum of 45 min each per match. From these we have selected the team on the most attacking duels won per match for each position. Careful, this team will pass you in a heartbeat!

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– This week there are 2 squads which provide multiple players to the Team: West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa with 2 players each.

– The best scoring player this week is Jack Grealish of Aston villa, with an average of 6.9 attacking duels won per match he played. He is closely followed by Oliver McBurnie who sports the same average. The tiebreaker here is that Grealish held his average over 1 more match and the Grealish has a win % of 53% as opposed to McBurnies 46%.

– If we look at the player in the premier league with the highest % of duels won, save for some goalies who engaging in 1 attacking duel and won it, the highest success rate goes to Chelsea’s defender Thiago Silva. Silva might only make about 0.8 attacking duels per match, but when he commits to one he has a 87% chance of succeeding.
– The first player who wins over 2 attacking duels per match on average with the highest % of duels won is Oriol Romeu of Southampton. He wins 61% of his attacking duels.

– The goalkeeper, Emiliano Martínez, is the goalkeeper in the Premier league with the highest save %. This combines with an average amount of 4.6 saves per match makes him the perfect goalkeeper for our Team.

– We can also look at average attempted attacking duels. In that case Ollie Watkins of Aston villa takes the prize with 15.8 attacking duels attempted on average. Of these he wins around 36%.

– Another statistic we can focus on is average defensive duels won. The highest scorer there was Leeds’s defender Liam Cooper with 8.3 defensive duels won per match on average.

ORTEC Sports Tactic Tree

The ORTEC Sports Team of the Week is released every Monday and will present the best performing players on a specific aspect of the Tactic Tree. The Tactic Tree is used to categorize statistics into the two main stages of a game: ‘being in possession’ and the counterpart ‘possession opponent’, both divided into 4 subcategories.

Every week we pick one statistic that is used in a subcategory and based on that statistic the best scoring players on each position will be presented in the team of the week.