Team of the Leagues – Big 5

Team of the Leagues – Big 5

Dec 21, 2020 | News, Team of the Week

This Monday the Team of the Week is somewhat different. ORTEC Sports took a look at the stats over the entirety of the big 5 ongoing leagues so far to create one super team of the league. The stat we focus on is goal involvement per 90 minutes. Aside from the goalkeeper, every player scored higher than 1, which means that each player was involved in at least 1 goal per match. Goal involvement does not only involve the person who made the goal and its direct assist, but also actions leading up to that goal, contributing to it being successful.

To be included in the team a player must have played 45 minutes at minimum in at least 7 matches in their respective League.

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– 4 players from Bayern München made it on the Team this week, trailed by Liverpool supplementing 3 players from their squad. Considering both teams’ domination performance in the Bundeliga and Premier League respectively this is unsurprising.

– The best scoring player this week is the midfielder Joshua Kimmich of Bayern, being involved in 2.14 average goals per match he played in the Bundesliga. For Kimmich this average was over 7 matches. The second highest scorer on the team is Bayerns attacker: Lewandowski. Although his average is lower at 2.08, this average stems from 12 matches, arguably being more impressive.

– The goalkeepers spot is taken by Atalanta’s Marco Sportielo with a goal involvement of 0,88 over 8 matches. Considering his position as a goalkeeper this average is very impressive.

– The three players: Kimmich, Neymar and Fernandes were featured on last weeks Team of the League, where they were high scorers on ORTEC’s Player Performance Score during the Champions League group stage matches.

– We can also look at assists per 90 minutes. In this case Kimmich scores highest with 0.7 assists per match. However this place is shared with the Spurs’ Harry Kane and Kingsley Koman of Bayern. Harry Kane’s performance here is arguably more impressive since he got the highest average over the most total matches with 14 matches played. High goal involvement per 90 however was only 1.43.

– Another statistic we can focus on is key passes. The highest scorer in the Big 5 leagues so far is Jack Grealish of Aston Villa over 12 games. 

When we look at the total goal involvement these five players lead the way:





Involved in Goal

Robert Lewandowski

Bayern München



Mohamed Salah




Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United



Memphis Depay




Thomas Müller

Bayern München



ORTEC Sports Tactic Tree

The ORTEC Sports Team of the Week is released every Monday and will present the best performing players on a specific aspect of the Tactic Tree. The Tactic Tree is used to categorize statistics into the two main stages of a game: ‘being in possession’ and the counterpart ‘possession opponent’, both divided into 4 subcategories.

Every week we pick one statistic that is used in a subcategory and based on that statistic the best scoring players on each position will be presented in the team of the week.