Team of the Week #11

Team of the Week #11

This weeks’ team is composed out of the most reliable passers. Based on our build up-statistics in round 11 of the Eredivisie, we selected the players with the highest % of completed passes per position.*

Optimize your stats:
– AZ dominated this Team of the Week with 4 players.
– On average Stijn Wuytens has the highest % of completed passes with 96%.** He also provided the most completed passes in a match (108) twice, in round 2, RKC Waalwijk – AZ and in round 11, PSV – AZ.
– Thorsten Kirschbaum completed all his 13 passes, including 4 long passes.
– In total the 100%-score was achieved 116 times. From those 116 times only 11 players managed to achieve a 100% score with more than 20 passes. Lisandro Martinez is on top of the list. He provided 61 completed passes in round 2, Ajax – FC Emmen.
– Below you will find the top 10-passers per line from this week of the Dutch Eredivisie.

* For every line we selected players with a minimum amount of passes:
– Attackers, 25 passes
– Midfielders, 40 passes
– Defenders, 50 passes
– Goalkeeper, 10 passes
** Minimum of 5 matches played

Tactic Tree:

The ORTEC Sports Team of the Week is released every Monday and will present the best performing players on a specific aspect of the Tactic Tree. The Tactic Tree is used to categorize statistics into the two main stages of a game: ‘being in possession’ and the counterpart ‘possession opponent’, both divided into 4 subcategories.

Every week we pick one statistic that is used in a subcategory and based on that statistic the best scoring players on each position will be presented in the team of the week.

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