Team of the Week – Big 5

Team of the Week – Big 5

Feb 1, 2021 | News, Team of the Week

This weeks Team of the week consists of the Big-5’s seasonal averages in terms of Key actions, based on our Build-up statistics. The team consists of the players who have made the most key action on average in the current 2020/2021 season (A key action is any action that directly leads to a goal attempt). To qualify a player must have played at least 9 matches in the current season, with at least 45 minutes playtime per match.

Optimize your stats

Optimize your stats:

– There are three teams with two players in the team: Atalanta Bergamo, Borussia Dortmund and OSC Lyon.

– The best scoring player this week is Jack Grealish of Aston Villa, with 3.8 key actions done on average this season. He has played in a tot of 19 matches so far, which is the most matches played in the top 5 making his average even more impressive.

– Last week Emre Can was featured on the team of the week as a defensive midfielder. The fact Can often also plays as a defensive midfielder might explain why he scored the highest of the center backs, however as he also regularly played as a CB this season we felt like this should not affect his placement.

– The goalkeeper this week, Jan Oblak, was picked for having the highest save % so far this season. With an average of 3.3 saves on goal attempts per game we feel that he is the best option to keep our goal safe.

– We can also look at assists. In this case the Teams defensive midfielder, Joshua Kimmich, is the man for the job. He has made 0.8 assists per match this season on average over a total of 13 games.

– Another statistic we can focus on is who makes the most use of these key actions in terms of goal attempts. In that case Lionel Messi of Barca comes out on top by far with 5.7 goal attempts per match over a total of 18 matches. This is a whole goal attempt per match higher than the number 2 and 3 in that list: Lorenzo Insigne and Cristiano Ronaldo only make 4.7 goal attempts per match.


But these stats are only averages, let’s see who comes out on top in the Big Five with key actions when we look at their seasonal totals:





Key Actions

Jack Grealish

Aston Villa



Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United



Kevin de Bruyne

Manchester City



Memphis Depay




Thomas Müller

Bayern München




Looking at totals, Fernandes and Müller get added into the mix, however Grealish stands on top by 18 key actions even though he has only played 18 games as opposed to the number two’s 21.

ORTEC Sports Tactic Tree

The ORTEC Sports Team of the Week is released every Monday and will present the best performing players on a specific aspect of the Tactic Tree. The Tactic Tree is used to categorize statistics into the two main stages of a game: ‘being in possession’ and the counterpart ‘possession opponent’, both divided into 4 subcategories.

Every week we pick one statistic that is used in a subcategory and based on that statistic the best scoring players on each position will be presented in the team of the week.