Team of the Week – Europe week #5

Team of the Week – Europe week #5

Oct 20, 2020 | News, Team of the Week, Uncategorized

With the participating teams getting ready for both the Europa League and the Champions League, tensions run high for the teams. ORTEC Sports collected the best players from the Big Five’s last played rounds of their leagues based on specific statistics.

For this round, the Team of the Week consists of the most ambition shooters, based on our offensive-statistics. These are the players with the most shots during the weekend.

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– There are two teams with two players in the team: PSG and Manchester United.

– The best scoring player this week is Kyllian Mbappe Lottin of PSG with 9 shots. Of these 9 shots 66% were on target (6), making him a goalkeepers nightmare.

– The position of center forward was heavily contested. Marcus Rashford and Neal Maupay both made 7 shots. However, Rashford made 4 of these on target, whereas Maupay only made 2 on target, netting Rashford the center forward position.

– The Goalkeepers position went to Genoa’s Mattia Perin. Although he was beat out by Brighthove and Albions Sportiello in the total amount of saves (15), Perin managed to save 100% of the balls that came his way while Sportiello only saved 73%.

– We can also look at shots on target which was used to decide ties. In this case Mbappe still prevails with his 6 shots on target, closely followed by Rafael mir Vincente, Ebrima Colley and Victor Osimhen who all made 5 shots on target.

When we look at the whole season, the following players lead the way in the Big Five in terms of shots made in total:




Completed passes opponent half

Harry Kane

Tottenham Hotspur



Mohamed Salah




Moussa Dembele

Olympique Lyonnais



Gaetan Laborde

Montpellier HSC



Kylian Mbappe Lottin

Paris Saint Germain



Its interesting to note that although the Premier league dominates this lists’ top 2 spots since it has only played 5 rounds as compared the the Ligue 1 or la liga who have played 7 and 6 rounds respectively.

ORTEC Sports Tactic Tree

The ORTEC Sports Team of the Week is released every Monday and will present the best performing players on a specific aspect of the Tactic Tree. The Tactic Tree is used to categorize statistics into the two main stages of a game: ‘being in possession’ and the counterpart ‘possession opponent’, both divided into 4 subcategories.

Every week we pick one statistic that is used in a subcategory and based on that statistic the best scoring players on each position will be presented in the team of the week.