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Will PSV have the same strategy as last year without Depay?

With a program of just 4 matches the Eredivisie kicks off this weekend for a new season. As in previous seasons, ORTEC Sports will analyze all matches live and support the teams and media with data analysis and statistics.

Last season ORTEC Sports collected almost half a million ball actions in the Eredivisie leading to a large number of statistics for both teams and players.

In the table below a small selection of statistics is listed and it shows how the best and worst team have performed on each statistic.

The table shows that Vitesse had on average the most passes per match (489), Excelsior had the least. The table displays the direct play of PSV, they have the most first passes forwards after regaining possession and have 49% of their passes on the opponent half.

Ajax on the other hand has a low ratio passes forward-wide and a lot of passes between their central defenders.

The scoring statistics show that Vitesse had the most shots per match, but 50% of these shots came from outside the box. FC Groningen was the most accurate team, 41% of their shots were on target.

Feyenoord was last year the team with the least shots against but due to the low saving percentages they still had 39 goals against. With the saving percentage of Ajax, they would have 20 goals against.

The regain possession statistics show that Feyenoord was the most aggressive team. They regained possession the most on the opponent half and on average at 35m from their own goal. Also their time until the start of a duel after possession lost is the lowest, on average they have their first duel after 9.7 seconds.

The graph shows that PSV has the opposite strategy, their first duel is only after 13.4 seconds. Also their average location of regaining the ball is much closer to their own goal. This in combination with their high forward-wide ratio reveals the tactic of PSV. Creating room and then quickly play forward. Also the individual player statistics show this pattern. The first pass after regain the ball is mostly given to Memphis Depay.

In table 2 the players who receive the most first passes per match after regaining possession are listed. It shows that Depay is one of the few offensive player between mostly midfielders and defenders.

Now that Depay has been transferred to Manchester United, the question is if PSV will maintain their strategy. This year’s statistics will point it out.


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